5MB Redis instance
5MB Memory

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1GB Redis instance
1GB Memory
$ 15.00

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8GB Redis instance
8GB Memory
$ 85.00

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What are we offering?

We offering Redis hosting. Your website will be hosted on your shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server, we will take care of your Redis databases.

All you will need to do is to install some of the Redis client library or if you are on shared PHP/MySQL hosting, you can download "pure" PHP library such [PHP] RedisServer and start working immediately from your shared hosting.

We offer easy service, fast and reliable servers with dedicated CPU cores, and cheap pricing. Check why choose us over our competitors.

What is Redis?

Redis is awesome NoSQL database.

From one side, it is simple key-value store, similar to memcached (comparison).

...but from other side...

Redis supports not only strings, but also sophisticated data types such

Using Redis is very simple to do structures such stacks, decks, queues, pipelines and many more.

Redis operations are incredible fast, consistent, atomic and non-blocking. Unlike memcached, data may be shared between different programming languages.

Redis runs in memory (this gives incredible speed - 110,000 SETs/second, 81,000 GETs/second), but at the same time it is persistent, e.g. data is not lost if server is stopped or crashed. This means that Redis can be used as data store.

Using Redis you can speed up your web application or website by thousand times.

Redis supports many programming languages including:

We offer following Redis hosting plans

Memory Databases Connections Persistent Archtecture
CPU core
5MB 16 5 Yes 32 No Yes Free! Select this instance
500MB 16 50 Yes 32 No Yes $ 10.00 Select this instance
1GB 16 100 Yes 32 No Yes $ 15.00 Select this instance
2GB 16 200 Yes 32 No Yes $ 25.00 Select this instance
4GB 16 400 Yes 64 No Yes $ 45.00 Select this instance
8GB 16 800 Yes 64 Yes Yes $ 85.00 Select this instance
15GB 16 1600 Yes 64 Yes Yes $ 165.00 Select this instance
22GB 16 2400 Yes 64 Yes Yes $ 245.00 Select this instance
30GB 16 3200 Yes 64 Yes Yes $ 320.00 Select this instance
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