Our administrative panel is easy and provisioning (creating servers) is automatically.

Even Redis replication can be setup very easy.

If you are on shared PHP/MySQL hosting, you can download "pure" PHP library such [PHP] RedisServer and start working immediately from your shared hosting.

Easy Migration

If you are using Redis somewhere, you can migrate to us very easily. Just open the administrative panel set-up replication.

Redis will transfer all data and once finished, just stop the replication and voila! All your data is migrated.

Please follow this link for more information on the topic - Seamless migration from one Redis server to another.

Super fast and reliable servers

Our servers are super fast and reliable, located in state of the art tier 4 datacenter in USA or Europe.

The servers are real dedicated hardware (e.g. no slow or overloaded virtual or cloud servers)

The servers have 4 or more CPU cores (Dual processor Dual core, Single 4 core processor or better).

All disks are SATA 7200 RPM's with RAID1 or RAID5, so even when Redis saves your data it saves it fast.

Automated daily backups

Even we have RAID1 or RAID5 on our disks, we do daily backups.

All backups are made on servers with once again RAID1 or RAID5 disks, located in different datacenter and sometimes different country.

We keep last 7 days backup, but we do not test if the backup files are OK.

Backup restore is free, but is not automatic and you should contact us for the restore.

No hidden CPU or I/O limits

Unlinkr some of our competitors, we do not impose hidden limits of CPU or I/O operations. Only limits we impose is RAM and maximum connections to the your Redis instance.

Traffic is also unlimited, but we reserve rights to impose limit to unusual large accounts (such 1,000 GB / mo).

CPU core and Server dedication

If you buy 8 GB Redis or more, we dedicate single CPU core (processor) for your Redis. As you may know, Redis can not use multiple cores, so by dedicating a CPU core you will have same performance as if you have your own dedicated server.

The only moment when you will use shared core is the moment when Redis fork() and BGSAVE the data.

If you buy 30 GB Redis instance from us, we dedicate a server for you. If you prepay the server for 1 year, you will receive the root password as well. The server will be managed. Please contact us for more information.

Automatically selecting best Redis architecture

We automatically select best Redis server executable architecture for you.

As you may be aware two 32 bit Redis servers 2 GB each, may store 20-30% more data than single 64 bit Redis server with 4 GB.

We use 32 bit version for all instances under 2 GB, which gives better memory allocation capabilities.

We use 64 bit version for all instances over 2 GB.

Cheap pricing

You can not start Redis on shared hosting.

Most of the people with VPS or dedicated servers may start 5 - 10 MB Redis instance.

Problems happen when you need instances with 1 - 2 GB or more.

In such case you need to rent a real (non VPS) server for 200 USD / mo or more.

Note that you also need some RAM for the server, e.g. if you rent server with 2 GB RAM, you can not use 2 GB Redis instance.

In case you rent a server there will be additional costs in both time and money for administration, maintenance etc.

Here you may compare our prices to the Amazon ElastiCache service:
Amazon EC2 and Amazon ElastiCache service.

No hidden fees

There are no hidden fees.

There are no so called Amazon AWS fee.

Prices are what you see on the website and not a penny more. We also cover our PayPal receive fees.

No long term commitments

Our billing is monthly.

You can stop using the service any moment.

Free consultations for Redis programming issues

This is may be one of the services that really makes a difference from our competitors.

We will consult you for free for any topic or problem related to Redis, Linux, server scalability or PHP programming.

Because consultation is for free, it will be done according our knowledge and we will not do any researches or programming.

For additional fee we may do research or PHP programming for you.

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