GeoIP is excelent IP to location database provided from MaxMind.

The GeoIP databases have both free and paid versions. They also come in different versions - GeoIP to country, GeoIP to city and others.

The databases also come in several formats:

Surprisingly, the performance of SQL based GeoIP is often faster than binary file provided, but most people still prefer to use binary format, because keeping database up to date is easy.

The other problem of SQL based GeoIP solutions is that the database (MySQL), is the non scallable part of the website. So on busy websites, is much better to keep working with binary file instead to "bloating" the database. For best performance one can plase GeoIP data file on RAM-disk such /dev/shm.

So whats about NoSQL then?

Puting GeoIP in key value store is difficult task, because you need to check the IP against each range.

Luckaly for us, Redis offering sorted sets, where you can search by score.

So it is possible to build single sorted set and to put all IP ranges there. Because the values of the sorted set are unique, we need to add "uniqual" component to it - e.g. some sequential number.

The client must do zrangebyscore(), using numerical IP as score. Then we can store all data as the value, including unique copmonent.

For country based database we can store the two letter code there, without any significant memory usage - something like "US:1234", but we decided to store all data in external hash key ("US:1234": { code: US, name: USA }).
Doing it in this way it was possible later to import GeoIPCity, without any Redis schema changes.
This hash key also allow us to use same client code, without any modifications.

The memory usage on 64bit Redis was as following:

GeoIP Country without hashes 30 MB
GeoIP Country with hashes 35 MB
GeoIP City whit hashes 500 MB

Because programming code includes:

...we stored everything in Github repository here:

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